One America, Moving Towards a Sustainable Future

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ClimaCareers is a renewable energy and sustainability-focused job board that operates under the principle that we only have one planet, and it will take the skills of everyone - spanning every possible demographic - to decarbonize our electrical grid.

Our job listings cover careers that range from solar/wind technicians and forest rangers, to engineers and non-profit executives. Our team continually adds new jobs and organizations that we believe fall within our ethos of sustainability - all to help you achieve the change you want to see in the world.

Who We Work With

Renewable energy is the focus, but we support anyone seeking to make a positive change in the world!


Renewable Energy

We work with renewable energy companies to get the best talent available working on Industrial Revolution 2.0.


Green Tech

Whether you're creating the electric airplane that changes how we travel or making homes more efficient, we can help!


Non-Profits and NGOs

Non-profits are an essential part of community development. See how we find candidates that share your mission.


Trade Schools

Blue collar workers make modern society possible. You will be the ones who carry us to victory.



We work with leading research organizations in energy, tech, medical, and other STEM fields.



Government institutions that focus on renewable energy provide much needed guidance and innovation.


Youth Organizations

Any success in the green energy sector is hinged on the involvement of the future generations. Youth have unique perspectives.



New graduates are hungry for change. Let's set them up for success in the new Industrial Revolution.